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Leap Kite Skate


"Many think a few can't change the world. Indeed, that's the only thing that ever has." Ambrose Forsythe: Author, Historian

The Leap skate is living proof of the above statement! A special thanks goes out to the few who have had the faith and vision to support something of worth.

Leap Features

- Standard 12" tires or choose 8" wheels - Use your own shoe!!
- Hand brake with belt clip (removable)    - Extremely strong 12" tires - 80 psi.
- High Ground Clearance - 3.25" - Revolutionary binding system
- Nylon plus fiber rims  - Adjustable sideways, forward, and backward
- Total weight with 12" wheels = 19.5 lbs - Total weight with 8" wheels = 14.5 lbs

A close-up look at the binding

+ =

First, tighten your shoe laces
Second, strap on the ankle support
Third, put your shoe in the binding and tighten till comfortable.
It is very nice to be able to remove the Leap quickly and already have on your own shoe. I have found that the ankle pad is very comfortable to walk around in. Someone might even forget they are wearing any ankle padding at all.


How is the binding adjustable?

The Top ...

Each circle at the heel and toe is a bolt and washer that feeds through a slot in the foot plate. (Click on the image to get a closer look) When the two bolts are loose, the foot plate can slide back and forth (side to side) to allow for customized foot positions.

The Bottom...

By loosening the two bolts, the binding system can slide forward or backward to accommodate different foot lengths. My personal preference is to have my toe close to the front wheel because it seems easier to steer.

The 12" Wheel

Proudly, we introduce a new tire from Taiwan's largest tire manufacturer Chen Shin (Maxxis). Never before introduced to the public, our tire is likely the only high pressure 12" tire available. The 80 psi tire encourages speed, offers strength, and demands attention. The gentle curving arch is great for sideways pressure and sand. The 12" wheel will come standard on the Leap. The 8" wheel is an optional accessory for the Leap skates. Purchase includes the tire, tube, rim, bearings, and spacer. Buy extra wheels below.

Buy the 12" Leap and rolling.
The 12" Leap is $299.00 with free shipping in continental US.

Please e-mail me with any questions: jef@skaterace.com
(All of my Leap Skates are gone. - sorry)

Buy the 8" Leap and skate great.
The 8" Leap is $259.00 with free shipping in continental US.
Oh No! I have sold out of 8" Leap!
New model expected soon.

Please e-mail me with any questions: jef@skaterace.com

Out of Stock

Need some extra wheels?


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Need extra wheels?

12" Wheels - $25.00 each
8" Wheels - $15.00 each
(Sorry, also out of stock)


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